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Traditional dishes with imagination and creativity

At the heart of our cuisine lies the love for traditional dishes, those authentic flavors that evoke memories and tell stories of times gone by.

However, we don't simply stop at tradition. Each dish, while maintaining its deep roots, is revisited and enriched with a touch of imagination and creativity, giving life to a symphony of tastes that surprises and delights

It's our way of honoring the past while embracing innovation.

Our Menù it's a culinary journey constantly evolving.

Although it is renewed monthly, the dishes often change weekly, thus guaranteeing the freshness and excellence of the products.

Each visit becomes a unique experience, as we adapt to the rhythm of the seasons, combining the creativity of our chefs with the best local products. Thanks to high quality ingredients, we offer a refined and authentic gastronomic experience.

Our desserts, prepared with passion, are entirely homemade, adding a sweet and genuine touch to your meal.

For those looking for variety, we offer a daily fixed price menu of the day, renewed to offer our guests a range of diversified options throughout the week, satisfying every palate and desire.

The Magic Behind Our Dishes:
The Kitchen Staff

At the center of our kitchen is chef Carlo, the soul and beating heart of our restaurant.

Flanked by a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, together they bring a unique mix of talent, creativity and passion for the culinary art.

In perfect synergy, they transform selected ingredients into unforgettable dishes, embodying our dedication to the true essence of gastronomy and excellence in hospitality.

Tradition and Diversity

From Cheese to Vegetable Cuisine

We are proud to present typical cheeses from Valsesia, enriched with quality selections from neighboring valleys and Italian classics.

For those who prefer alternatives without meat, fish or derivatives, we always offer high quality vegan and vegetarian dishes, renewed every two weeks to ensure variety and freshness for every type of palate.

Authenticity and Quality

Our Food Philosophy

We use seasonal products directly from our garden, including fruit and vegetables, or from carefully selected suppliers who respect the rhythm of the seasons. This allows us to offer naturally grown, often organic, ingredients that reflect the true flavors and colors of the current period.

Our meat comes mainly from Piedmontese farms of carefully chosen breeds. The fish, fresh and tasty, comes from the Mediterranean Sea, with weekly supplies that vary according to the catch of the moment.