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The Cellar:
Exaltation of Flavors and Dedication to Quality

Our cellar has been meticulously curated to highlight local wines and liqueurs, designed to enhance the pairings with our menus.

Selections vary, as producers and wineries can change depending on vintages and weather conditions.

However, we always strive to offer the best bottle possible, with a wide range of products and prices, ranging from native varieties to the most sophisticated blends.

Wine Trip:
A Tour of the World Through Wine

Our desire to explore led us to embark on a wine journey through Italy, touching every region, including the islands, and then beyond the borders, discovering wine gems from France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Germany, and even from America, South Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our goal is to let you experience a tour of the world through wine, comfortably seated at our table.

Authentic Tradition
L'Essenza del Vino: L'Esperto Tocco di Carlo e Luca

The Essence of Wine:
Carlo and Luca's Expert Touch

We are fortunate to have two authentic wine guides on our team: Chef Carlo, with years of experience in pairing, and Luca, the latest addition to our team, who has brilliantly undertaken the Sommelier path..

Both are ready to guide and advise you, making each tasting an unforgettable experience. .

Come and discover the treasures of our cellar in the wine list.